Advance steel

Werner Herbots, managing director of engineering firm Polytek, now works with the new software package Autodesk Advance Steel. Advance Steel aligns perfectly with the Autodesk BIM philosophy, and Werner firmly believes in the power of BIM, so he decided to purchase a licence. This means he is the first Advance Steel customer in the Benelux region.


The evolution to 3D

Polytek was founded in 2011 and, as a young engineering firm, is predominately active in providing services and technical assistance in electromechanical design, construction and civil constructions for customers from a wide range of sectors. Polytek wants to go beyond standard consultancy that merely creates appealing tenders and presents beautiful visuals.

Managing director Werner Herbots has used AutoCAD for 15 years, and he began to notice a significant evolution towards 3D over the past 6-7 years. He immediately jumped on the bandwagon and chose the Autodesk Inventor software, which he used to carry out the detailing of his steel constructions. He also mastered the Revit software, but at the time this software package could only be used marginally to draft steel constructions.



After a while, Werner encountered Graitec’s Advance Steel. As he strongly believes in Autodesk’s BIM philosophy, he decided not to make the transition at the time. A short while later, he heard that Graitec had been acquired by Autodesk. He immediately began to experiment with a trial version

 Werner Herbots:

"I am proud to be the first Advance Steel costumer in the Benelux region."

Fast and user friendly...

“I was immediately amazed by how quickly we could design our steel constructions. Furthermore, the bi-directional exchange from Inventor to Advance Steel and then back to Plant 3D was obvious” says Werner Herbots. “Thanks to the BIM workflow and therefore the way it works with other packages that Autodesk offers with Advance Steel, we were able to start detailing the model once the customer’s approval had been received. My decision to remain with the Autodesk product line has proven to be the correct choice time and again.